Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Update on status of the projects,

Both projects are coming along well, even for delays because of the crappy Norwegian summer (rain rain rain and rain), 2 new screenshots for ya all;

- RT

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New movies from Fundamentum Studios

Two movies are in works at the Fundamentum Studios, 

1. A music-video-car-presentation of a friends car, a Porsche, STATUS: Filming

2. An action-movie, STATUS: Final script-changes and planning.

Screen-shots from the Porsche-presentation.

- RT

Saturday, July 18, 2009

First post! RT's Terminator-stuff

- So, we went to see Terminator Salvation... Picture of us, enough said: 

- Shipped in my mail, a Terminator from Skynet, how nice! (Ok fine, its only a photoshopped image by me. Its Cameron from the Sarah Connor Chronicles!

- I bought a Terminator endoskeleton skull, its ultra awesome, check out my video about it HERE  Its 1:2 scale, full metal with a T-800 tag. It eyes and tag glows with help of 2 AAA-batteries! No nuclear power-core, how weird! The display is homemade by me :) I used an aquarium, blue metallic sand, skulls and printed out a scene from T3 to have as the background. Its awesome.  

-My video on reactions to FOX canceling the awesome TV-show Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Watch it 

Join  if your a fan that want it back!

I made a logo for them:

- RT